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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mychartplus?

MyChartPLUS is an online tool. It is a safe way to see parts of your Hartford HealthCare ("HHC") electronic medical record. You, or anyone you authorize (a "representative"), can use it.

Can HHC block my mychartplus account?

If HHC suspects you are using MyChartPLUS for fraudulent or inappropriate activity HHC has the right, and is the only one who can decide, to block access to your account. HHC can also block your account if it suspects these types of activities are connected with your account. HHC can block your account without notifying you ahead of time.

How do I view and pay my bills online?

To securely view and pay your bills online, visit and enter your Bill ID and date of birth. If you don’t know your Bill ID, click “Find Your Account” and follow the instructions for next steps.

What happens to mychartplus If I become a proxy?

If you are a proxy for a minor, HHC will end access to MyChartPLUS for the proxy and for the patient when the minor turns 13. If for any reason you are no longer a proxy, you agree to immediately stop accessing MyChartPLUS.

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