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Frequently Asked Questions

What can mychartplus do for me?

MyChartPLUS allows you to actively participate in your care, and also alerts you to important health-related reminders to help you better plan the details of your ongoing health care, using your PC, smartphone or tablet. What Can I Do with MyChartPLUS?

Who can access my MyChart account?

No one else can access your myChart account. However, your provider and care team can see your health information through the electronic medical record maintained at the clinic and/or hospital so that they can care for you.

Can I create a mychartplus account for a minor?

Therefore, when creating a MyChartPlus account for a minor, HHC may take steps to verify the minor’s identity or confirm that the minor consents to their parent or guardian controlling their MyChartPlus account. Click here for information from Hartford HealthCare about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

When will my test results be released to MyChart?

In general, your test results are released to your myChart account within 4 hrs. of the result being finalized. This may mean that you see a result before your provider has had a chance to contact you. This means that you may see results

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