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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Hartford HealthCare's mychartplus?

You will be redirected to Hartford HealthCare's MyChartPLUS login page, you will login using your MyChartPLUS username and password. After logging in you will be presented with details provided by the app.

What's new in mychartplus?

Your HHC MyChartPLUS account now allows you to see clinical results and notes as soon as they’re complete. For more information about the Cures Act, visit New Features! Complete check-in tasks ahead of time with eCheck-in.

How do I set up my mychartplus account?

To set-up your MyChartPLUS account you must first enter the required pieces of demographic information in the form below. Provided the information you enter below matches the information we have on file, you will be prompted to begin the set-up process.

Can HHC block my mychartplus account?

If HHC suspects you are using MyChartPLUS for fraudulent or inappropriate activity HHC has the right, and is the only one who can decide, to block access to your account. HHC can also block your account if it suspects these types of activities are connected with your account. HHC can block your account without notifying you ahead of time.

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