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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MyChart work at Yale New Haven?

All communications between you and your Yale New Haven Health System health care team using MyChart are carried over a secure, encrypted connection directly into the Yale New Haven Health System electronic medical record.

What is MyChart and how do I use it?

Using MyChart MyChart is your personal health record and online connection to your medical home. With MyChart you can: Communicate with your clinicians at Yale Health, Yale Medical Group, and Yale-New Haven Hospital.

How do I sign up for mychartplus?

Sign up in any Hartford HealthCare office during your visit. Use the MyChartPLUS activation code provided in your After Visit Summary (AVS) to sign up on Ask reception for your choice of an email or letter with an activation code and instructions.

What's new in HHC mychartplus?

Your HHC MyChartPLUS account now allows you to see clinical results and notes as soon as they’re complete. For more information about the Cures Act, visit New Features!

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