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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mydhr and how do I use it?

MyDHR is available to use for COVID-19 vaccination bookings at ACT Government COVID-19 vaccination clinics. For more information on how to sign up to MyDHR and make a booking visit the ACT Government COVID-19 website.

How do I Reset my mydhr account password?

On the myDHR Account Sign-In screen, enter your registered email and select the “Forget Password” link. You will be directed to the Forgot Password screen. Enter the email you used to register the account and click the Submit button. The screen will refresh with a notification confirming “Password Request Submitted.”

What is the new 14-character password for mydhr?

The new 14-character password offers safe and secure access to all of your myDHR accounts, enabling you to apply for or check the status of your benefits, make child support payments or request clearances from a single point of entry to consumer portal.

Why is mymydhr not recognising my Medicare card?

MyDHR not recognising your Medicare card It could be because: You may be entering the number incorrectly When filling out the Medicare number, please note the format needs to be XXXXXXXXXX-X where the last digit (IRN) is what appears next to your first name on your Medicare card.

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