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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use MyInfo?

Students across Maricopa Community Colleges can use the MyInfo mobile app for quick access to personalized student information on any device. The User Guide provides a page-by-page snapshot of the features you'll find in MyInfo. Use your MEID and password to log in to MyInfo (anyone with an active MEID has access).

How do I log in to mymsu MyInfo?

MSU MyInfo login If you know your NetID and password, log in via the following link: Log in to MyInfo (NetID) If you do not know your NetID and password, claim or reclaim your NetID via the link below. Claim/Reclaim NetID

How do I login to MyInfo using my student ID?

For “MyInfo”, click here . Click on “Enter Secure Area.”* On the User Login page, enter your Student ID Number (including the preceding dash, e.g. -00000000) as your User ID, and PIN number.

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