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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a MyPay app?

The MyPay mobile app is a payroll application for employees of organisations who use Datacom’s DataPay payroll software to pay their staff. MyPay provides a range of functions and information to employees that are pay related.

How do you calculate military retirement pay?

To calculate retirement pay, the years of equivalent service are multiplied by 2.5 percent and this figure is multiplied by the average of the highest 36 months of pay, as stated by the Navy Personnel Command. Individuals who entered prior to September 8, 1980 use their base pay when retirement starts.

What is a DFAs MyPay account?

DFAS' myPay is a secure, DFAS-operated Web site that lets active duty, National Guard and Reserve military members, civilian employees, and military retirees and annuitants take charge of their pay accounts online. The DFAS myPay Web site is found at

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