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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mypaymentsplus mobile app?

The free MyPaymentsPlus mobile app allows users to view balances, make payments, monitor cafeteria purchase history, and receive low balance push notifications, all from the palm of their hand. To download the app for iPhone or iPad, click here.

How can mymypaymentsplus help with parent communications?

MyPaymentsPlus has a marketing team dedicated to parent communications. Our marketing team can send custom notifications to make parents aware of registration options. The notifications can be sent on a one-time or scheduled basis.

What is mypaymentsplus Advanced Placement exam module?

The MyPaymentsPlus Advanced Placement Exam module provides a comprehensive solution for districts to efficiently manage registrations for proctored exams.

How do I view my purchase history on mypaymentsplus?

If your district or organization provides this functionality via MyPaymentsPlus, simply click on ‘View Purchase History’ under the ‘View History’ tab. You may also contact your cafeteria or organization manager to obtain a full list of items purchased. How do I set up low balance notifications? (Where Available)

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