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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more about UMBC?

A comprehensive collection of university resources to help you find what you need. Explore the wide variety of activities happening at UMBC by browsing the event calendar. See what the UMBC community is talking about by browsing the most pawpular posts. Browse a university-wide collection of how-to articles or request help from an expert.

How do I access the myumb portal?

Users can access the myUMB Portal from the following web address . The myUMB Portal is an online gateway to campus information and resources. The myUMB Portal will provide you with news, activities, and campus information specific to your school. Some of the systems accessible through the myUMB Portal include:

How do I update my campus contact information in myumb?

Users can also update their campus contact information after logging into the myUMB Portal. The University of Maryland, Baltimore is the founding campus of the University System of Maryland. © 2021 University of Maryland, Baltimore.

How many new students are enrolled at UMBC 2021?

Extend beyond the expected. Be a part of our Retriever community. As the 2021-2022 academic year begins, UMBC is on pace to welcome nearly 2,100 new first-year students, making this the largest incoming fall class in UMBC’s history.

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