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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does NASA study Earth?

NASA's Earth Science program was established to use the advanced technology of NASA to understand and protect our home planet by using our view from space to study the Earth system and improve prediction of Earth system change. The Earth Science Office's many areas of study are closely related to each other.

What is NASA Earth Science?

NASA Earth Science, formerly called the NASA Earth Science Enterprise (ESE), formerly called Mission To Planet Earth (MTPE), is a NASA research program "to develop a scientific understanding of the Earth system and its response to natural and human-induced changes to enable improved prediction of climate, weather, and natural hazards for present and ...

Can NASA save the Earth?

If it comes to that, near-Earth object research will do more to save the environment than all the alternative-energy research, education and pollution studies combined. NASA could literally save the world. For more information on NASA, the environment and related topics, look over the links on the next page.

Did NASA find a new Earth?

Answer Wiki. 1 Answer. NASA's Kepler Mission Announces Discovery Of 715 New Earth-like planets. The latest discovery of NASA is through its KEPLER MISSION which has announced the discovery of 715 new planets that have earth-like features a few days ago. The Kepler Mission had been launched in March 2009.

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