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What are some good TV shows about the Navy?

15 admirable TV shows about the United States Navy 1 JAG. 2 NCIS. 3 Victory at Sea. 4 Navy Log. 5 Men of Annapolis. 6 The Silent Service. 7 Hennesey. 8 The Blue Angels. 9 Ensign O'Toole. 10 McHale's Navy. More items...

What are some 1960s TV shows set in World War 2?

Ten 1960s TV Shows Set in World War 2 1. Combat!. This was the war show to watch if you were a baby boomer. It was a fairly realistic show (for the period)... 2. McHale's Navy. This comedy was about a PT crew in the South Pacific that always got in trouble with Captain... 3. The Gallant Men. This ...

How many TV shows were there in the 1960s?

August 1962. Back in the 1960s, there were only three nationally broadcasted television networks in the US. During that decade, no less than ten series were set during the Second World War. In 1965, no fewer than seven of these shows competed for viewers each week.

What was the first military show on TV?

Rolling back the clock several decades, we find one of the earliest military shows on network television, a documentary series on NBC that chronicled the hard-fought victories of World War II mere years after the end of the global conflict.

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