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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CPT code for needle biopsy of lymph node?

CPT code 38500 is reported for open excision or biopsy of superficial lymph nodes - these nodes are usually palpable under the skin. Levels II and III are deep and reported with CPT code 38525 (open, deep axillary nodes).

What is the CPT code for needle localization breast biopsy?

CPT code 19100 describes a needle core breast biopsy. In addition, we have separate CPT code 19101 for breast core biopsy through an incision. In addition, if any entire lesion is removed we have to use CPT code 19120 instead of CPT code 19101.

What is the code needle biopsy of the breast?

This article indicated that CPT Code 19100 (biopsy of breast; needle core [separate procedure]) should be used for a core needle biopsy of clustered microcalcifications.

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