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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fine needle biopsy for dogs?

Also known as fine needle biopsy, a fine needle aspiration is a procedure that requires insertion of a sterile, hollow, small-gauge needle (fine needle) into the suspicious mass. The dog's hair may be clipped prior to the procedure and the skin area will be disinfected.

How accurate is a biopsy on a dog for cancer?

According to Pet Cancer Center, a fine needle aspiration was 97.9 percent accurate in diagnosing cancer as compared to a surgical biopsy. In the case that the cytology results do not match up with what a veterinarian suspects as a malignancy (sometimes, fine needle aspirates come up inconclusive), a surgical biopsy should be done to be sure.

What is a fine needle aspirate biopsy?

So, let’s take a look at a common technique used to accomplish this… a fine needle aspirate. First of all, a fine needle aspirate is not a biopsy. A fine needle aspirate is a sample of the mass taken with a skinny little needle (meaning, not much to work with).

What does fine needle aspiration cytology mean for dogs?

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology: If no cells are obtained, or the cells identified do not match the veterinarian’s clinical diagnosis, or a cytology result leaves your doctor otherwise concerned, your veterinarian may recommend a small biopsy into, or removal of, the nodule for biopsy (histopathologic diagnosis).

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