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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a groin lymph node biopsy done?

A groin lymph node biopsy can be done either using a needle biopsy or using an open biopsy. An open biopsy is used either when the node is difficult to access or if the doctor wishes to have the entire mass removed. This is done when the patient is diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes.

What are the complications of groin lymph node biopsy?

Groin Lymph Node Biopsy. As with any medical procedure of this time, there are some groin lymph node biopsy complications that need to be taken into account. Patients may develop infections around the wound site if clean medical practices are not performed. Apart from this, there will be some pain felt as the wound heals itself.

What is a needle biopsy for lymph nodes?

A needle biopsy removes a small sample of cells from your lymph node. This procedure takes about 10 to 15 minutes. While you’re lying on an examination table, your doctor will clean the biopsy site and apply medication to numb the area. Your doctor will insert a fine needle into your lymph node and remove a sample of cells.

Why is a biopsy done on a needle?

Why it's done. A needle biopsy may also be used to assess the progress of a treatment. The sample from your needle biopsy may help your doctor determine what's causing: A mass or lump. A needle biopsy may reveal whether a mass or lump is a cyst, an infection, a benign tumor or cancer.

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