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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take a biopsy of the hip bone?

The area where the doctor will insert the biopsy needle is marked and cleaned. The bone marrow fluid (aspirate) and tissue sample (biopsy) are usually collected from the top ridge of the back of a hipbone (posterior iliac crest). Sometimes, the front of the hip may be used.

What is a needle biopsy of bone?

A bone biopsy is a test that takes a sample of tissue or cells from your bone to check for cancer or other bone diseases. The sample comes from the outer part of your bone. It's different from a marrow biopsy, which takes the cells from deep inside. Needle biopsy uses a special needle to remove the sample.

How does a doctor do a bone biopsy?

The doctor makes a small cut in the skin over the bone. Then the doctor places the needle into the bone to take out the sample. She uses a very thin one in a fine needle biopsy to remove a small sample of cells or tissue. She uses a larger one to get a bigger piece of bone in a core needle biopsy.

What is needle biopsy with CT scan?

This is a procedure performed by a radiologist to obtain a small tissue sample through a needle. This is done to make a diagnosis and plan future management. CT scan is used to guide the needle into the lesion in the safest possible manner.

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