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Frequently Asked Questions

What is needlyneedle felting?

Needle felting is a method of felting without the use of water, which is used in most other felting applications. The technique employs a barbed or notched needle to tangle the individual fibers together to form images and shapes.

How does felting work?

It is not just one or two fibers that are locking together, but literally hundreds of fibers that come in contact with each other and lock into this position – causing the wool to felt. The felting needles are a special kind of needle that have tiny barbs on the end.

What supplies do you need for needle felting?

The most important needle felting supplies are the needles themselves, felting needles can be used one at a time or in a group utilizing a handle/holder. Single needles are used for details while groups of needles create broader base shapes. You can create both 2D and 3D pieces with wool felting.

What is flat felted sculpture?

Most of my flat felted pieces of sculptures are wet felted. This makes them smooth and easy to use, just like a piece of felt fabric in a store. When wet felting the wool fiber is laid out flat and rubbed using your fingers and hot soapy water. This helps the wool to tangle up and lock together.

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