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Frequently Asked Questions

How did needle felting start?

The History of Needle Felting Felt is the oldest textile fabric dating as far back as 6300 BC. It is created from wool or other animal fibres that are densely matted together. Felting pre-dates spinning, weaving or knitting and for centuries, this non-woven fabric has been used for yurts, blankets, rugs, hats, boots and clothing.

How does a felting needle work?

Needle felting is a process which uses barbed needles to interlock wool fibers to form a more condensed material. Wool fibers have scales which when rubbed against each other catch and lock into place to create this denser material called felt. Felting needles are used to entangle the fibers.

How is needle felting done?

Needle felting is done using a special barbed needle, a foam block and wool. By sitting the wool on the foam block and passing the needle through the wool repeatedly, it matts together. It can be sculpted and shaped.

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