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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a felting needle?

Then, work your felting needle up and down to retrace this outline. You’ll also want to work with your felting needle to flatten the center of the shape. If you have any excess wool, fold it into the center and continue to compress the shape with the needle to create a clean edge.

How do you make a simple felting project?

Construct two leaves that are smaller than the body, but bigger than the head. Attach the components in the same way you compressed these shapes together, by poking straight lines with your felting needle.

Can I use my dog's fur to make a felting fabric?

Yes, you can use your dog's fur, since it works just as well for felting as other materials and it'll be a little easier to get than wool. Just make sure it is clean first.

How much does a wet felting kit cost?

WET FELTING tools Shop Now WET FELTING kits & supplies Shop Now Featured Products Quick View Felting a Perfect Poinsettia - Kit $24.95$21.95Sale Quick View Home For The Holidays Needle Felting Kit $27.95 Quick View Needle Felting a Santa Claus or Granny Claus $66.00 Quick View Needle Felting Kit: 2D Fox Painting with Wool $29.95 Quick View

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