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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a cushion as a needle Felter?

If you work on a cushion your needle will have a soft surface to protect it, if it goes through your felting project and comes out the other side. Wait until you have some experience in needle felting before attempting to work around wire.

How to felting felt faster?

Short quick stabs with the felting needle will help you to felt faster. It is not necessary to stab the needle deep into the wool, this uses more time and energy than is required.

What size needle do I need for felting?

I recommend starting with a single star 36 and experiment with others on the side until you find the perfect needles for the type of wool you are using. I use mostly Romney wool and star 36 works great. Finer wools such as Merino require smaller sizes such as 38 or smaller. I use a single needle when felting. 4.

Do you break needles when you need to needle felt?

We all break needles when we needle felt, but there are ways to prevent it from happening too often. Make sure you purchase more than one needle when starting because it is extremely frustrating to break your only needle and have to wait to finish your project.

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