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Frequently Asked Questions

How common is needle phobia?

How common is needle phobia? Between 3-10% of UK adults suffer from needle phobia (Anxiety UK). Needle phobia is most commonly seen in children but often continues into adulthood. A 2018 meta-analysis, which included 119 research studies, reported needle phobia in almost all children, 20-50% of adolescents, and 20-30% of young people.

Are there any devices to help children with needle phobia?

These devices seem to be very effective in many children and in adults with milder forms of needle phobia. Pictured on the right is Buzzy, which is the only one of these gate control devices that is currently available without a prescription.

How do I overcome needle phobia?

Another effective technique for overcoming needle phobia in many people is to for the patient to be given a fast-acting anti-anxiety agent such as diazepam (Valium) prior to the needle stick.

What is the best patch for needle phobia?

An EMLA patch is also available in many countries. EMLA is one of the older and less effective solutions for needle phobia. Its main advantage is that, since it has been around longer, more doctors know about it, and it is generally easier to obtain that other options that are likely to be much more effective.

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