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Frequently Asked Questions

What is needle phobia?

Needle fear crosses into needle phobia, also called trypanophobia, when that fear or anxiety gets in the way of normal life. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) classes needle phobia as part of a group of specific phobias of blood-injection-injury type.

How common is needle fear in adults?

Despite this, needle fear is pretty common in adults and, unsurprisingly, can lower the likelihood of vaccination. A 2009 study from Queensland, for instance, found nearly two-thirds of people with needle fear reported that they would avoid getting the flu jab down the track, compared to less than 20 per cent of those without needle fear.

Can insulin dependent diabetics have needle phobia?

Insulin dependant diabetics have considerable difficulty if they suffer from needle phobia. 5-15% of the population avoid the dentist due to fear of needing a dental injection. A fear of needles can also affect education, the ability to travel, pregnancy outcome and can result in legal issues.

Is your fear of needles keeping you from getting covid-19 vaccine?

A fear of needles can deter people from having other vaccinations, blood tests, contraceptive injections, surgical procedures and other necessary medical interventions. Whether needle phobia is keeping you from getting the COVID-19 vaccine or causing distress about it, here are some ways to overcome your fear: Seek professional help.

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