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Frequently Asked Questions

Is needlepoint Holly good for privacy?

The formidable Needlepoint holly is a superb choice for a privacy screen or a specimen shrub. Able to grow in sun or part shade and in just about any soil this hardy holly is versatile in the landscape. . Fast growing. The Needlepoint Holly grows quickly with an annual growth rate up to 3 feet per year. Great for privacy.

How fast do needle point holly trees grow?

Growing Needlepoint Holly. The Needle Point Holly grows rapidly – as much as 3 feet a year – to soon reach 10 feet and perhaps 15 to 25 feet tall, if left untrimmed.

What does needle point Holly look like?

Learn more The Needle Point Holly is one of the best holly bushes available. It grows into a tall and broad specimen, with glossy, rich-green leaves that are smooth except for a single spine on the tip. It produces a huge crop of large, bright-red berries even on a single bush.

Where do you plant needlepoint Holly?

The Needlepoint Holly is great for framing the entrance of your home or driveway. This holly functions as a solid anchor for the corners of your home. Plant a group of 3 at the corner of your yard for an upscale look. The Needlepoint Holly makes an outstanding privacy screen.

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