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Frequently Asked Questions

What is needlepoint Holly?

Needlepoint is a Chinese holly. The Chinese hollies are dioecious, with small white-green flowers in the late spring and early summer. The beautiful bright red berries appear right before Christmas providing food for birds.

What makes needlepoint Holly wonderful evergreen barrier so great?

Needlepoint Holly Wonderful Evergreen Barrier 1 Showy, Low Maintenance Evergreen 2 Glossy Green Foliage All Year 3 Bright Red Berries Even with a Single Plant 4 Excellent Hedge or Barrier Plant 5 Great for Urban Settings 6 Widely Adaptable 7 Living Fence 8 Wildlife Plant More ...

How big do needle point Holly berries get?

Like its parent, it is drought and heat tolerant and produces abundant, vivid red, 1/4" diameter berries. 'Needlepoint' is one of the best hollys for use as a screen in the landscape and is also effective when planted en mass or in a group.

Where do you plant needlepoint Holly?

The Needlepoint Holly is great for framing the entrance of your home or driveway. This holly functions as a solid anchor for the corners of your home. Plant a group of 3 at the corner of your yard for an upscale look. The Needlepoint Holly makes an outstanding privacy screen.

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