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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do needlepoint holly trees grow?

The Needlepoint Holly grows quickly with an annual growth rate up to 3 feet per year. Great for privacy. This hardy shrub grows fast and doesn’t require any maintenance once established so it is perfect for quick and easy screening.

What makes beautiful needlepoint Holly so special?

Beautiful Needlepoint Holly (Ilex cornuta 'Needlepoint') stays glossy green all year round. It grows to form a thick, impenetrable hedge and can be kept low or narrow with annual shearing. What makes Needlepoint Holly stand out from the pack? The leaves are smooth-sided, except for one single spine at the tip of each leaf.

How big do needle point Holly berries get?

Like its parent, it is drought and heat tolerant and produces abundant, vivid red, 1/4" diameter berries. 'Needlepoint' is one of the best hollys for use as a screen in the landscape and is also effective when planted en mass or in a group.

How do you plant needlepoint Holly?

Plant Needlepoint Holly in soil with good drainage. Amendments to make the soil more acidic can be included. Mulch and water well until established. Pruning is not necessary, but if desired, can be pruned in the winter. For an informal hedge, space plants at least 12 feet apart on center.

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