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Frequently Asked Questions

What does needlepoint Holly look like?

'Needlepoint' is a cultivar of Ilex cornuta holly. Like its parent, it is drought and heat tolerant and produces abundant, vivid red, 1/4" diameter berries.

Does needlepoint Holly need cross pollination?

Like other Hollies, the Needlepoint Holly will give you a beautiful show of red berries in the fall and winter. But unlike other Hollies, you only need one plant to produce berries in the fall - no cross-pollination from a second variety required!

What makes needlepoint Holly wonderful evergreen barrier so great?

Needlepoint Holly Wonderful Evergreen Barrier 1 Showy, Low Maintenance Evergreen 2 Glossy Green Foliage All Year 3 Bright Red Berries Even with a Single Plant 4 Excellent Hedge or Barrier Plant 5 Great for Urban Settings 6 Widely Adaptable 7 Living Fence 8 Wildlife Plant More ...

Where do needlepoint holly trees grow best?

Plant Needlepoint Hollies in growing zones 7 to 9 for best results. The Needlepoint Holly is great for framing the entrance of your home or driveway. This holly functions as a solid anchor for the corners of your home. Plant a group of 3 at the corner of your yard for an upscale look.

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