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Frequently Asked Questions

Is needlepoint Holly good for privacy?

The formidable Needlepoint holly is a superb choice for a privacy screen or a specimen shrub. Able to grow in sun or part shade and in just about any soil this hardy holly is versatile in the landscape. . Fast growing. The Needlepoint Holly grows quickly with an annual growth rate up to 3 feet per year. Great for privacy.

What are the characteristics of needlepoint Chinese holly?

It has no significant negative characteristics.Needlepoint Chinese Holly is recommended for the following landscape applications;AccentMass PlantingHedges/ScreeningNaturalizing And Woodland Gardens Needlepoint Chinese Holly will grow to be about 10 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 12 feet.

What makes needlepoint Holly wonderful evergreen barrier so great?

Needlepoint Holly Wonderful Evergreen Barrier 1 Showy, Low Maintenance Evergreen 2 Glossy Green Foliage All Year 3 Bright Red Berries Even with a Single Plant 4 Excellent Hedge or Barrier Plant 5 Great for Urban Settings 6 Widely Adaptable 7 Living Fence 8 Wildlife Plant More ...

Where do needlepoint holly trees come from?

History and Origins of the Needlepoint Holly. The horned holly (Ilex cornuta) grows wild in China and Korea, and it was brought to Europe in 1846. It probably arrived in America a little later. Wild plants are variable. Some can be 60 foot trees, while others are smaller shrubs.

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