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Frequently Asked Questions

What zone does needlepoint Holly grow in?

Plant Needlepoint Hollies in growing zones 7 to 9 for best results. The Needlepoint Holly is great for framing the entrance of your home or driveway. This holly functions as a solid anchor for the corners of your home.

Does needlepoint Holly stay green all year?

The Needlepoint Holly, Ilex cornuta 'Needlepoint', certainly lives up to its name. Needlepoint Holly has all of the great characteristics of the holly plants that you love. It stays beautifully green all year round; it grows to form a thick, impenetrable hedge; and it has beautiful red berries in the fall.

Is needlepoint Holly poisonous?

This plant has low severity poison characteristics. 'Needlepoint' is a cultivar of Ilex cornuta holly. Like its parent, it is drought and heat tolerant and produces abundant, vivid red, 1/4" diameter berries. 'Needlepoint' is one of the best hollys for use as a screen in the landscape and is also effective when planted en mass or in a group.

How do you plant needlepoint holly hedges?

You'll plant directly into that mound. Water regularly to establish new plants in your landscape. Once their roots are growing nicely in your soil, they are able to tolerate drier conditions. Needlepoint Holly hedges can be pruned just about any time during the growing season.

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