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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Needles Eye Tunnel located?

Tunnel 32 is the famous Needle's Eye Tunnel located above treeline roughly 1 mile from the pass on the east side of the divide. Tunnel 33 is located on the west side of the divide several miles from the pass. It was known as the Riflesight Notch Tunnel.

What are Needles Eye?

The eye of a sewing needle is the part formed into a loop for pulling thread , located at the end opposite from the point.

Where is the eye of a needle in the Bible?

"The eye of a needle" is part of a saying of Jesus recorded in the synoptic gospels: Parallel versions appear in Mark 10:24-25, and Luke 18:24-25. The saying was a response to a young rich man who had asked Jesus what he needed to do in order to inherit eternal life.

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