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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you find a needle in a haystack?

Instructions 1. Light the haystack on fire. Needle, being made of metal, will not be easily harmed by the fire. 2. Another effective method of finding a needle in a haystack is by using a magnet. Metal is attracted strongly to magnet while hay is not and that is something that you will be using to your advantage.

What is the origin of finding a needle in Haystack?

Needle in a haystack's origin is Arabic. Part of an ancient Arabic proverb. In doing research into the Arabic language and ancient history, I was surprised to find that many of our modern (last couple of centuries) sayings have their origins in old Arabic proverbs.

What does finding a needle in a haystack mean?

Needle in a haystack is a figure of speech used to refer to something that is difficult to find in a large space. Needle in a haystack may also refer to: Needle in a Haystack (House), an episode of the TV series House. Needle in a Haystack, an episode of the TV series Mythbusters.

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