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Frequently Asked Questions

What does rebuild by needles mean?

In 2010, a new label - REBUILD by NEEDLES - , was added within the collection, centering around the concept of clothes once mass produced and left without purpose, rebuilt (reconstructed). Hooded Sur Coat - W/N Multi Pattern Jq.

Who is the founder of needles?

Established in 1995 and designed by NEPENTHES CEO Keizo Shimizu. NEEDLES launched as a brand to project Shimizu’s vision tracing back over 30 years of experience in visiting and introducing products from around the world.

Why is needles such a cult brand?

But beneath it all is a keen understanding of construction and quality that inspires trust that the Needles team knows what they’re doing. That—and the enthusiastic world of devoted Japanese fashion fanatics—is enough to elevate Needles to cult brand status.

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