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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your review of needless?

Overall: 7/10 Needless can be seen as one of two things: 1. A clever parody of the shounen genre that deliberately utilises and brutalises the cliches to both titillate and frustrate the audience. 2. A stereotypical shounen anime that tries to be bigger, broader and bolder than the others by catering to its audience's every desire.

How many volumes of needless zero are there?

Additionally, a prequel, Needless Zero, was collected in two volumes, released on January 19, 2004 and June 19, 2009. An anime television series adaptation of Needless was announced in March 2009. The series was animated by Madhouse and directed by Masayuki Sakoi.

What is a needless in supernatural?

What spawns after the war is a group of mutated people known as the Needless; people blessed with superhuman, nearly god-like powers. There is one catch to having these powers: a Needless only has ONE power, no exceptions. There is just one more little thing about being a Needless— the government wants you captured or dead.

Who are the needless in X-Men?

Now alone, Cruz is taken in by a band of mutants with amazing powers called the Needless. Together, they set out to overthrow the evil Adam Arklight and his family of evil mutants.

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