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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your review of needless?

Overall: 7/10 Needless can be seen as one of two things: 1. A clever parody of the shounen genre that deliberately utilises and brutalises the cliches to both titillate and frustrate the audience. 2. A stereotypical shounen anime that tries to be bigger, broader and bolder than the others by catering to its audience's every desire.

Is needneedless worth the watch?

Needless is not essential viewing, but it is for anyone looking to just have a good time. The gimmicky attacks, the fanservice, and the high energies make this one truly good watch, but its flaws and shortcomings make it a series that a more critical audience might dissect and destroy.

Who will be the most memorable characters of needless?

Yet, there is one group in the villains who will undoubtedly be the most memorable characters of Needless: the Pretty Girl Squad. These young ladies star as the main attraction in the anime’s yuri service-filled ED theme sequence. While they certainly attract attention there, they also manage to grasp the audience within the anime itself.

What is needneedless on Netflix about?

Needless is set in a post apocalyptic world in which a new race of super powered humans have emerged, possessing fragments of power that give them mastery over a certain skill such as fire, gravity, and magnetism. These fragments apparently have all come from a common source, a god-like being known as the Second.

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