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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I get a needlestick?

If you experienced a needlestick or sharps injury or were exposed to the blood or other body fluid of a patient during the course of your work, immediately follow these steps: Wash needlesticks and cuts with soap and water. Flush splashes to the nose, mouth, or skin with water.

How to reduce needlestick injuries?

Preventing needle stick injury has the best way to protect you from these infections. Immunization against hepatitis B. Avoid recapping needles. Do not break, bend or otherwise try to render the syringe useless. Avoid the use of needles when there are other safe alternatives.

Is a needlestick OSHA recordable?

All work-related needlestick injuries and cuts from sharp objects that are contaminated with another person’s blood or other potentially infectious material (as defined by 29 CFR 1910.1030) must be entered as an OSHA recordable injury on the OSHA tab. Also, to protect the employee’s privacy, you must mark “yes” in the privacy box on the OSHA tab.

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