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Frequently Asked Questions

What is we of the needle?

We, of the Needle is a cross stitch supply store in Brea (Orange County, CA). We specialize in cross stitch, embroidery, and custom conservation framing for artwork, needlework, and 3-D displays. We are within 15 minutes of Disneyland and Cal State Fullerton, and an hour or less from Los Angeles.

What kind of framing services do we offer?

We excel in unique framing projects. Check out samples of our work including textile framing, poster framing, print framing, and more. We offer a complete range of framing services and products to meet your needs, from ready made frames to custom archival framing.

How do you attach needlework to foam core board?

Don’t use regular sewing pins!) Starting in the center of one side of the needlework, insert a pin into the edge of the foam core board so that it goes into the board straight. You don’t want it to pierce out the back of the board or – worse yet! – the front where the needlework is.

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