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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a floor stand for needlework?

A floor stand rests in front or to the side of you and holds your needlework frame or hoop up in front of you while you stitch. There are many manufacturers of floor stands out there! And there are many good ones on the market. When it comes to choosing one, you want to look for the following: 1.

What are the different types of needlework frame supports?

There are clamp-on stands, that clamp onto a table top. There are sit-on stands, that can serve as a table-top stand as well. And there are trestles, which are the “big guns” of large needlework frame supports. Today, we’re looking at the Floor Stand, specifically.

What is the best scroll frame for needlework?

The Scroll Frame with Stand (#2995) is great for many types of needlework projects. The sturdy 31″ high stand holds a scroll frame which adjusts from 12″ X 14″ to 12″ X 27″. The Scroll Frame also tilts to your most comfortable working position.

What are the disadvantages of using a needlework stand?

Wrist, arm, neck and back strain; finger and hand cramps; strange sitting positions to balance large frames; awkward stitching when you need to use both hands – all of these are things of the past, when you have a needlework stand!

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