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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Finding Nemo really mean?

Finding Nemo is in fact the tale of a psychologically damaged clown fish who must go on a personal journey as he tries to overcome the pain and fear caused by the loss of his family. Finding Nemo begins with a horrific and traumatizing scene where a barracuda attacks Marlin, his wife, and his eggs.

What is the real story behind 'Finding Nemo'?

The Dirty Truth About 'Finding Nemo'. Take Finding Nemo. It's a heartfelt father-and-son story in which an entire family of clownfish ( Amphiprion ocellaris) is viciously devoured by a barracuda, and then the son is abducted by scuba divers and forced into performing peepshows for a sociopathic human child.

What does Nemo mean in English?

Latin origin: It is derived literally from the word nemo which is of the meaning 'nobody'. The name is known from the fictional character Captain Nemo, of the submarine Nautilus in the Jules Verne novels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) and Mysterious Island (1874). In addition, Nemo is a contracted form of the English Nehemiah.

What is the summary of Finding Nemo?

Plot Summary Nemo, a young clownfish is caught by a scuba diver when he ventures into the open ocean and is taken to an aquarium in a dentist’s office. While Marlin, his father, overcomes his fears of the ocean to find his lost son, he meets Dory, who has a very short memory.

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