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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get message center with my NetZero account?

Yes. Every NetZero member automatically gets access to basic Message Center service. Message Center can be accessed from any computer, via any Internet connection simply by visiting To learn more about the difference in features, as well as how to upgrade your Message Center service level, click here.

Does NetZero have a wireless internet connection?

Yes. You can set-up a home network using your NetZero DSL modem. Some NetZero DSL modems have a wireless router built-in. If your DSL modem has a power switch in the back, and has a Wireless indicator light, then it also has a wireless router.

Is NetZero email free?

Sign up for NetZero to create a NetZero Email account. Creating NetZero account to get NetZero Email services is free. NetZero is a nationwide internet service provider in the United States and first company to provide internet services in a country absolutely free of cost.

How do I delete a NetZero email account?

Contact NetZero customer support (see Resources section below for link) and state your intention to cancel your account and delete your email address via the online Web form. NetZero will contact you within 72 hours during the workweek and will cancel the account, followed by deletion of your email address.

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