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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was on the 1970s New York Islanders?

Another part of those great 1970s Islander teams was J.P. Parise,who played with Gilles for four seasons. Though not teammates for very long, Gilles’ impact on Parise was felt and the memory of this great Islander was passed down to his son, starting left wing Zach Parise.

Who was the leading scorer for the Long Island Nets?

Once again, Randall led the way for the Nets with 35 points. He has been the story of the year for Long Island, coming into the year as a local tryout player only to truly make his mark on the league.

Are there any Gillies on the New York Islanders?

Though the pre-game ceremony didn’t translate to a win for the Islanders on Saturday night, Gillies will be with this team for the rest of the season after they announced Saturday that they will wear a patch donning Gillies' #9 on their jerseys for the remainder of the season.

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