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What were the top news events of 2009?

A look at the top national and international news events of 2009: 1 – Fire in Bangkok nightclub kills 66 people. 3 – Israeli troops launch ground offensive in Gaza with tanks and helicopter gun ships.

What happened to the US economy in 2009?

In 2009 governments in the US and around the world pumped trillions of dollars into the financial system and into the economies hoping to avert another Great Depression and by the end of 2009 although unemployment had continued to increase, markets had recovered and most thought the worst was over.

What happened on the 3rd of July 2009?

1 July 3 – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin unexpectedly announces her resignation, effective July 26, 2009, citing the costs and distractions of battling frivolous ethics investigations launched against her, and prompting ... 2 July 7 A public memorial service is held for musician Michael Jackson. ... 3 July 22 – Microsoft releases Windows 7.

What are the most memorable pop culture moments from 2009?

Here are some of the most memorable pop culture moments from 2009, including ones that will make you say "I cannot possibly be this old." 2009 was a big year in pop culture. From President Obama taking office to the tragic death of Michael Jackson, these 2009 events are still considered hugely significant even today.

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