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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Washington have to consolidate 2026 World Cup bid with Baltimore?

Washington might have to consolidate its 2026 World Cup venue bid with Baltimore because of concerns about the viability of playing at FedEx Field, a major blow to the city’s efforts of hosting soccer’s marquee event, people familiar with the matter said Wednesday.

How many countries will host the 2026 World Cup?

The United States is slated to host 60 of the 80 matches and Mexico and Canada 10 apiece in a tournament that will expend in 2026 to 48 teams from 32.

Are there any changes to dc2026 bid?

“There are no changes to our bid,” said Chinyere Hubbard, spokeswoman for EventsDC, which is overseeing Washington’s effort. “We’re still engaged with FIFA and working with our existing partners in pursuit of our DC2026 Bid.”

Will standardized tests be required in 2026?

Harvard announced in 2020 that standardized tests would be optional for a year as students faced limited access to testing sites. It later extended the policy for another year, and this week said tests won’t be required through 2026 amid continued challenges.

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