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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the News&Observer a good newspaper?

Start your review of The News & Observer. The News & Observer used to be a good paper but over the years the content has decreased dramatically and the price increased dramatically. When the price went over what it would cost to just buy the paper from the store I cancelled my subscription.

Should I subscribe to the Raleigh News and observer?

I recommend that if you want a paper, subscribe to any paper in the world instead of the News and Observer. The Raleigh N&O practices a pattern of fraud in its cancellations.

What is an imposter scam?

Imposter scams: A person pretends to be someone you trust from a government agency, like the IRS or Social Security Administration, or a family member or love interest.

How much money do people lose to scams each year?

Fake check and employment scams are often aimed at younger people, while middle-aged and older adults fall victim to romance and investment scams, the FTC said. It is estimated that people lost $304 million to romance scams in 2020 alone.

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