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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather forecast in Delhi?

the weather department stated. The maximum temperature is expected to hover around 37 degrees Celsius. Also Read - Much-awaited Monsoon Finally Arrives in Delhi, Heavy Rain Lashes Parts of City “Rainfall activity is very likely to increase with fairly ...

What is the current time in Delhi?

The park is touted as the Capital’s first dog park and was unveiled in October by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC). Published: 11th November 2021 07:50 AM | Last Updated: 11th November 2021 07:50 AM | A+ A A- Imagine having the option to let your dogs run free and undisturbed in an extensive area.

What is the weather like in Delhi India?

Why Is It Raining So Much In Delhi? The city of Delhi just had its most wet 24-hour period in recent memory. Several places have experienced heavy rainfall due to a combination of factors, including delayed monsoons and the development of low-pressure areas.

Is there an earthquake in Delhi?

The earthquake struck at 11:46 pm at a depth of 7.5 km from the surface. Strong tremors were felt in Delhi and surrounding areas for several seconds. There was no immediate report of any damage to life or property. Social media was abuzz with people reporting the quake, instantly sending #Earthquake to the top of the trends. Earthquake?!?!? Gosh!

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