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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the murder rate on the rise on Fox News?

Murder rates are hitting multidecade highs and setting new records in some cities. But CNN’s media reporters have determined the real problem with the surge in homicides: Fox News is covering them.

What are the major complaints about Fox News?

Stelter and Darcy have two major complaints about Fox News. One has to do with an exaggerated chyron about “apocalyptic hellscapes.” Fine, whatever. But CNN should be careful about picking battles over silly or ill-thought-out chyrons.

What did Brian Stelter say about Fox News?

CNN's Brian Stelter refers to the current violent crime wave in multiple Democrat-run cities as an “imagined drama that Fox News presents.” Fox News, says CNN's Oliver Darcy, is an “Instagram filter,” and Fox’s coverage is “distorted” and not representative of reality.

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