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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the newsbreak app?

Join the 45M+ locals across the U.S. that trust NewsBreak as their #1 local news app! • Get local news, traffic, events, local weather, and more in a curated daily briefing. • Live stream news on local channels: follow local news, events, and activities. • Get local weather reports and traffic updates at a glance.

How does newsnews break determine its source's bias?

News Break does not produce its own news reporting; therefore, we determined this source’s bias by analyzing the media outlets they aggregate from. To determine bias, we analyzed the sources used in their headlines feed and the politics feed.

Is news break left-center biased and questionable?

Overall, we rate News Break Left-Center Biased and Questionable due to the use of poor sources and publishing satire as real news, which is actually fake news when not disclosed. Founded in 2015 by Jerry Yang and Jeff Zheng, NewsBreak is a website and popular app for iPhone and Android that aggregates local news based on location.

What is news break and how does it work?

In review, News Break is a news aggregator that selects news through AI. When using News Break, whether on the Web or in the app, you are first asked to put in a zipcode or city for your local newsfeed.

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