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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a class in Newsela?

If you joined using Microsoft to sign in, you'll need a class code to join a class. To join a class that a teacher created within Newsela, follow these steps: Ask your teacher for the Class Link or the Class Code. They can find this on their Newsela settings page under the Classes tab. Join the class with the Class Link or the Class Code.

Why join Newsela's talent acquisition team?

As a core member of the Talent Acquisition team, you will be a key driver in growing Newsela’s teams over the coming year. You will support sourcing for job openings across Engineering, Design and Product teams. Partnering closely with Recruiters and Hiring Managers, you will create powerful sourcing strategies to build a diverse talent pool.

What does a Newsela legal VP do?

The Role: The Newsela Legal team is looking for a talented and seasoned lawyer to join our growing team. The VP, Associate General Counsel, will build and lead various legal functions across Corporate, Compliance, Employment.

What does the alignment specialist at Newsela do?

The Alignment Specialist at Newsela is primarily responsible for ensuring the alignment of our instructional content to the most up-to-date state and national standards.

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