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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Newsmax TV?

Newsmax gives you the latest in politics, breaking news, world events, finance and health. In addition, you can watch Newsmax TV any time from your tablet or phone. Newsmax TV is streaming live on the web from our studios in New York, Washington, D.C., and South Florida.

Who owns Newsmax television?

Newsmax TV is an American free-to-air news channel that is owned by Newsmax Media.

When did Newsmax TV start?

Newsmax TV Launches On DirecTV & U-verse. It was launched in 1998, just two years after Fox News arrived, and its Newsmax TV — which bills itself as “an independent news and information source for millions of Americans who want the latest in breaking news, politics, health and finance” — cable channel went live in June 2014.

What channel is Newsmax on Comcast?

Newsmax TV is available on channel 1115 of Comcast. While for other casting services like TDS, the channel number is1209, on Verizon FiOS, it is Channel 209 and Channel 115 (SD), and on IPTV, it is available on Channel 615 (HD). HOW TO GET NEWSMAX CHANNEL ON COMCAST?

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