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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newsmax conservative news?

Nielsen Online said Newsmax was the most trafficked conservative website with approximately 4 million unique visitors monthly. A 2010 study released by Nielsen reported that was the number one site for conservatives in the U.S., making it one of the most influential conservative news sites in the nation.

Who owns Newsmax Media?

Newsmax Media. Newsmax Media is an American news media organization founded by Christopher Ruddy and based in West Palm Beach, Florida. It operates a multiplatform network focused on conservative media, including the news website, publishes the Franklin Prosperity Report and Newsmax magazine, and the cable news channel Newsmax TV.

Who owns Newsmax TV channel?

Newsmax TV is an American free-to-air news channel that is owned by Newsmax Media.

How is Newsmax funded?

Funded by / Ownership. Newsmax is owned by Christopher Ruddy, who is the CEO of Newsmax Media. Newsmax is funded through advertising and via a paid subscription to their platinum plan, allowing more access to content. Analysis / Bias. Newsmax has a category on their sidebar called Around the Web, which is deceptive advertising.

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