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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Governor Newsom's comeback plan for the state?

Newsom said $1 billion of that allotment is expected to be set aside to address state's water crisis. The governor said more of the state's comeback plan would be revealed throughout the week, including funding for schools to bring all students back by next fall.

Who are the new appointments made by Governor Gavin Newsom?

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the following appointments: Saul Gomez, 44, of Sacramento, has been appointed Undersecretary at the California Natural Resources Agency. Gomez has been Deputy Executive Director at the California Public Utilities...

What's in Newsom's economic relief package for renters?

The state will also use billions of dollars to cover back rent accumulated since last April for Californians in need. Newsom said the economic relief package would double the state's rental assistance, allocating $5.2 billion to take care of missed rent payments.

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