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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is newsnewsom seed?

Newsom Seed is a Mid-Atlantic seed company supplying grass seed and landscaping supplies to the wholesale trade. We have one of the largest seed blending facilities on the East Coast. The equipment used is state of the art, cleaning and mixing seed to the highest quality available.

What is newsnewsom premium mix?

Newsom Premium Mix is our most popular elite mix. The tall fescues stay green in the summer, tolerate heat & drought, and can tolerate a fair amount of shade. The perennial ryegrass establishes quickly providing erosion control until the turf becomes established.

How do you use newsnewsom ecology?

Newsom Ecology is an excellent mixture to use in low-maintenance areas such as golf course out-of-play areas, hillsides and shaded areas. This mix will grow to less than 24 inches in height before developing very attractive seedheads, which provide an aesthetic "meadowing" appearance. Sow at 150 lbs per Acre. Available in 50 lb bags.

What is in the Newsom Athletic mix?

A mix that provides quick establishment & ability to self-repair, the Newsom Athletic Mix contains Improved Perennial Ryegrass & Kentucky Bluegrass varieties from the MD/VA recommended list. Available in 50 lb bags.

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