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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Gavin Newsom recall in 2021?

Gavin Newsom yes/no recall question Gavin Newsom recall, 2021 Gavin Newsomwon the Governor of California recall election on September 14, 2021. Recall  Vote Votes Yes 38.1 4,894,473 No 61.9 7,944,092 Total Votes 12,838,565 It has been certified.  Source Gavin Newsom replacement question

What are the odds of Newsom being recalled?

The chart below shows the Ballotpedia Power Index for the first recall question in this election. In other words, a 60% score for noand a 40% score for yeswould mean that, according to the combination of polling averages and PredictIt prices, there was a 60% chance of voters not recalling Newsom and a 40% chance of voters recalling Newsom.

Who is sponsoring the recall of Governor Newsom in California?

Caregivers & Californians United Against the Recall of Governor Newsom, Sponsored by the National Union of Healthcare Workers $2,231.19 September 10, 2021 Gretchen Richardson $1,025.00 September 10, 2021 Raymond Fix $1,062.50 September 10, 2021

Did Biden say ‘no’ on Newsom recall?

↑ 53.053.1Newsweek, "Biden Urges 'No' on Gavin Newsom Recall, Says 'Keep California Moving Forward,'" August 12, 2021 ↑The Hill, "Harris, Pelosi backing Newsom amid recall effort," May 2, 2021

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